Each year we give away awards to three outstanding members of the LCLC community: Emerging Leader, Partner in Justice, and Outstanding Employee. We're excited to announce this year's recipients below...

Emerging Leader Award

This award goes to a current or previous Lawndale Christian Legal Center client who has demonstrated exceptional progress in self-development. Our Annual Emerging Leader Award is given to an LCLC youth who models leadership, courage, and success. Every year, we are challenged to select one youth out of many that are leading by example and striving to improve not only their life, but our community as well.

Congratulations to

Anita Stevens


My name is Anita Stevens and I am a lifelong North Lawndale Resident. I graduated from Westinghouse College Prep in 2017 and went on to pursue a career as a Registered Nurse. I started working on getting my CNA license, however, things did not go as planned. I started working at a logistics company in the meantime. I later got pregnant in 2019 and stopped working in 2020 to stay home and care for my daughter. While at home, I came up with a business idea and created "Terrible Toddlers" and "Stunter Kid", which are clothing lines for young children. I also started selling handmade purses on the side. I love being a mother; It is the best choice I have ever made. She motivates me and is the reason I make the choices I do now. My goal is to grow my business and eventually own my own store front.

Partner in Justice Award

Lawndale Christian Legal Center's Partner in Justice Award is presented to extraordinary individuals who demonstrate commitment and passion to pursuing justice, equity, and opportunity for young people. These remarkable individuals understand the collective responsibility we all share to live in ways that shape our society to be more open, equitable, and accessible for all of our youth. Our Partners in Justice lean into the moral arc of the universe described by Dr. King to ensure that it bends toward justice. 

Congratulations to

Jahmal Cole

Outstanding Staff of the Year Award

This award goes to a Lawndale Christian Legal Center staff member who excels in service, either directly or indirectly, to the youth with whom we work. They are a true champion of our mission and values. They demonstrate excellence in team-based approaches, have a strong work ethic, possess a positive attitude, adapt to change, and have a high integrity, accountability and self-motivation. 

Congratulations to

Kilopatria "Kilo" Sims

Kilo Headshot.JPG

Kilo Sims was selected by LCLC’s staff as 2020’s Outstanding Staff of the Year for the extraordinary love and compassion she displays for our youth and their families and for being an incredible teammate. Kilo has always had a passion for working closely with young people. As a Chicago native, she obtained a bachelor’s degree from National Louis University and went on to work for several years in the foster care system. Her desire to bring emotional, mental, and spiritual growth to youth brought her to LCLC and she has been making a tremendous impact ever since. Kilo’s ability to convey unconditional love draws in our young people, and even our staff, to view her as a mother figure. Her expertise in trauma-informed care and adolescent brain development carries great weight in LCLC’s legal representation. Her gentle demeanor and unique skills in youth advocacy are what make her an outstanding case manager. It gives us great pleasure to honor Kilo with this award.